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Sunny Monday


March 23rd, 2020 Posted 8:39 am

Let’s hope, when this is over, historians will be able to look back and at least say it was a unifying event. While it’s not true in this case that all we have to fear is fear itself, there’s still a lot of virtue in staying calm. In that spirit, here’s the first of our new feature, Sunny Mondays – snippets from the bright side of the Chet and Bernie novels:

We were on the job, trailing some woman whose name I’d forgotten. She’d led us out of the Valley to a motel in a flea-bitten desert town. That was what Bernie called it – flea-bitten – but I felt no fleas at all, hadn’t been bothered by them in ages, not since I started on the drops. But the funny thing was, even though I didn’t have fleas, just the thought of them suddenly made me itchy. I started scratching, first behind my ear, soon along my side, then both at once, really digging in with my claws, faster and –

“Chet, for God’s sake.”


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