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May 4th, 2012 Posted 8:26 am

“It looks like Chicago’s about to make it easier to take your dog to certain kinds of restaurants,” Spence says.

“Don’t see why not,” Admin says. “You see it in other countries.”


“Hard to say. Stovernia’s a dictatorship.”

“Kind of like Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago?”


Blog Update


May 2nd, 2012 Posted 7:58 am

“Things seem to be zooming today,” Admin says.

“Many thanks to Mike Baker,” Spence says.

“Technology marches on, as we always say.”

“Even in Stovernia?”

“Not sure about that. Stovernia has its own codes.”

“Did you ever read P.G. Wodehouse’s The Code of the Woosters?”

“Of course. One of the best-plotted novels I know. Do people still read him?”

“Let’s throw it out there.”

Welcome Bella & Casey Jo, Maxwell (with Julia), Echo.




April 25th, 2012 Posted 8:09 am

“No baseball in Stovernia?” Spence says.

“That’s going to be tough,” says Admin. “A jailable offense, I believe. But we can drown our sorrows in Cahors.”

“It’s a dictatorship, I take it?”

“I believe so.”


“As long as a certain someone never hears the crack of the bat. Grammatical and syntactical errors aren’t taken lightly, either.”

“So – ‘He slud into third’ would be very bad?”

“The worst.”

Welcome Kiwi and Hazel.

Happy Birthday Ben! And many many more!


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