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Crazy Heart – Review (Corrected)


February 1st, 2010 Posted 8:30 am


We saw Crazy Heart last night – me, Bernie, Suzie. No roles for me and my kind that I saw, but I wasn’t watching the whole time. Pretty good movie, though, all about country music. We’re into country music, me and Bernie, especially old-time and those Texas singer-songwriters like for example Stephen Bruton. And Bernie says Stephen Bruton wrote a lot of the Crazy Heart music before he died. He also said the main character is kind of like Stephen Bruton. A bit hard to follow, all that. “Life imitates art,” Bernie said. “And right back the other way,” said Suzie, giving him a playful punch. I gave her a playful shove. “Easy, big guy,” said Bernie.

We had fun at the movies.



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