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Clubbing (3)


July 16th, 2010 Posted 9:05 am

“It’s about a dancer who used to work here,” Bernie said, “and maybe still does. In fact, I hope she does.”

The bouncer gazed down at Bernie. “Don’t hear so good, do you, bud?”

“That’s such a tough-guy cliche, that don’t-hear-so-good-thing,” Bernie said. “You need new material.”

The bouncer’s face – this was at Club Utopia, by the way, and we were hunting for Astrid Jason, whose son Ray was waiting in the car, on account of that was what Bernie told him to do – swelled up and got red. Always interesting when that happens, so I was ready when the bouncer put his huge hands on Bernie’s chest and gave him a push.

“Chet!” Bernie said, staggering back a bit but  not falling. “Stay!”

Stay? I know stay, of course, pretty basic, but was this a good moment for staying?

Spencer Quinn schedule, more to come:

Friday, July 30, 10-12 AM – Brewster Books, Brewster MA.

Saturday, August 21, 4:15 PM – BarkWorldExpo, Atlantic Station, Atlanta GA.

Sept. 3-5 – Decatur Book Festival, Decatur GA (exact time to come).

September 17-19 – Salem Book Festival, Salem MA (exact time to come).


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