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Naming Names


March 5th, 2011 Posted 8:06 am

“Here’s something that occurred to me last night,” says Admin. “Maybe a little late.”

“Shoot,” says Spence.

Uh-oh. Gunplay involving those two? Not something that could end well.

“It’s about Bernie’s name,” Admin says.

Bernie’s name? Bernie’s name is Bernie, the best human name out there. I also like the name Myron. As for names in the nation within: Chet! Here’s a crazy thing: once we met this human who claimed he was named Chet, too. Was that confusing or what? He turned out to own a bar down in a town called Dirty Springs that I never want to see again. Talk about gunplay!

“What about it?” says Spence.

“Well,” Admin says, “there’s that famous breed of rescuers called the St. Bernard. Just wondered if there’s a connection.”

Spence smiles a little smile, says nothing.

I wait for more, but there is no more. These guys! But no guns are coming out, so it could be a lot worse.

Welcome Isabel.

And here’s hoping Rio and Co. are all right. To Melanie: amazing detection on those covers; totally news to us.


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