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Meet Marv


September 22nd, 2018 Posted 8:52 am

This was sent in by Catherine T with the note: Marv being tortured by squirrel! No other explanation.


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Welcome New Friend CoCo


July 25th, 2014 Posted 9:19 am

A chaser of squirrels and cats – what’s not to like?

CoCo likes to chase cats and squirrels also



Squirrel And Bernie: From The Dog Who Knew Too Much


October 15th, 2011 Posted 8:45 am

A squirrel had been by, and not long ago. That bothered me. I hurried to the long window beside the door and gazed out. We’ve got three trees in front of the house. The middle one’s my favorite for lying under, and that was where the squirrel, chubby and gray, tail raised in a very annoying way, was busy burying something. The next thing I knew I was standing straight up, front paws on the glass, barking my head off. The squirrel shot up the tree without a backward glance: burying things under that tree is my department, little pal.

“Chet! What’s all the fuss?”

Bernie was up? I hadn’t even heard him. That was bad. I slid down off the window real fast and smooth, like I’d never been up there at all. Bernie came over and gazed out, giving me a pat at the same time. His hair was standing out in clumps here and there; one eyebrow was crooked; he wore what Leda had always called his ratty robe, although there wasn’t a single rat on it, just a pattern of martini glasses with long-legged women sitting in them. In short, he looked great.


A Great Country


September 12th, 2010 Posted 8:14 am

“Here’s something, Chet,” Bernie says, turning the page. “Out in Fort Worth – good country music in Fort Worth, by the way – a woman named Janice Ford Grimes is opening a pet resort called Spa Paws Hotel this month. Upholstered beds, satin and chenille – whatever that is – blankets, flat screen TV’s and treats on the pillow. There’ll be facials – would you like a facial, big guy? – Swarovski-crystal collars for sale – no clue what that means – and turn-down service every night. Rooms go for $65 to $200 a night. The best suites overlook an atrium, where robotic squirrels will be the floor show. I’m having so much trouble taking this in I almost forgot the wellness center, where dogs and cats can heal using Eastern medicine.”

Whoa. Cats? This is kind of confusing. Robotic squirrels? I know squirrels, of course, actually caught one once! A story for another time.

“So, what do we think, Chet?”

I think. Sometimes when you think, there’s a lot of confusion, and then all of a sudden one thing stands out. That’s happening now: a sort of blur in my mind, and then one clear thing, like it’s all alone under a spotlight: treats on a pillow.


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