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Sports With Meaning, But Not The Political Kind


September 26th, 2017 Posted 8:54 am

“Oh, I’m sticking with it,” LeAnne said. Any other possibility had never occurred to her.


“I love the pole vault,” LeAnne said.

“What do you love about it?”

LeAnne had never considered that question. What did she love about the pole vault? “The feel, I guess.”

“Tell me about that.”

This wasn’t easy.

“Take your time,” Gina said. No more bumping and crashing sounds came from inside the bus. Was Mr. Adelson eavesdropping?

“Well,” said LeAnne, “in English the other day we were learning about three-act plays. And I wondered if the pole vault was like that. First there’s the set-up – that’s the run. Then there’s the complication – getting all the moves down so the pole bends just right. And after that’s the resolution – when you let go and fly.” Gina was watching her closely. “Is … is that the kind of thing you mean?” LeAnne said. “Or something else?”




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