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Spoiler Alert


February 14th, 2010 Posted 9:47 am

Sunday. How do I know? Elvis gospel on Sirius/XM. “How many singers around today will have their own channels decades after they’re gone?” Bernie says. No idea. In fact, I don’t understand the question. But it must be important or Bernie wouldn’t have asked it.

Why does it say spoiler alert up at the top? Because I was going to post something different today, a scene from book three that this being Sunday reminded me of. But then the whole Elvis gospel thing started up and here we are! It’s a long weekend, right? Have fun, everybody. We’ll do the book three scene tomorrow. And that’s a promise, or pretty close.

Hey – all of a sudden we’ve got a big commotion. Bernie’s running around, getting dressed, kind of in a panic, although Bernie never panics. “Oh my God, Chet,” he says. “I forgot Valentine’s Day.”

Valentine? Was there a perp of that name in our past? If so, look out Mister Valentine. Your number’s up.



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