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Down in the Mine


July 20th, 2021 Posted 9:05 am

I seemed to have gone off to one side a bit. Sometimes a patch of dirt interests me. This particular patch seemed a little less smooth than the rest of the mine floor. Not much of a reason to start digging, you might say, and I’d agree. Not that I was actually digging, more like just pawing around, and with only one of my front paws, not putting any force into it. But once, pawing around just like this, I’d pawed up an old silver spoon that we pawned at Mr. Singh’s for fifteen bucks! Not to mention a big helping of Mrs. Singh’s curried goat, a favorite of –

“Chet? What you got there?”

Me? Nothing. I knew at once that Bernie was hoping for another old silver spoon, and I hated to disappoint him, so I pawed a little harder and … what was this? I did feel a little something.

Bernie hunched down and shone the light into the small hole I’d made. The light glinted on a wire. A disappointment, certainly, but –

“Run!” Bernie shouted.

(from Tender Is The Bite, the new Chet and Bernie novel)


A Piece of Work


April 30th, 2021 Posted 8:18 am

With Mother’s Day coming up, here’s a little mother-snippet from Tender Is The Bite, the next Chet and Bernie novel (July 6):

“What’s this?”

“For the croissant.”

“It’s too much.”

“Plus a tip.”

“You don’t tip the owner, Mr. Bernie.”

“That’s what my mother always said.”

“Is she still alive?”

“Oh, yes.”

“She must be proud of you.”

Bernie’s mom – a piece of work – was suddenly in the conversation? She lived in Florida but had visited us last Christmas, bringing her new husband. He wore a white leather belt and said that bad times were the best times for making money. Bernie’s mom had told Bernie to give that some thought. The subject of being proud of him hadn’t come up.


Tender Is The Bite (July 6)


April 27th, 2021 Posted 7:56 am

“Why not you?” Bernie said.

Olek poked his own chest, quite hard, a move completely new to me. “I am no security expert.”

“Could have fooled me,” Bernie said, no doubt one of his jokes. There was no fooling Bernie, as I’m sure you’re aware by now.

Olek laughed, meaning he got the joke, which did not always happen with Bernie’s jokes, probably because they were too funny for most people.


Client Behavior


March 5th, 2021 Posted 7:27 am


She ran to the Kia, an unsteady kind of run, almost losing her balance. What was going on? Was she a client? This wasn’t normal client behavior – maybe later in a case, yes, but not at the very start. She got in her car and slammed the door.

“Wait!” Bernie called.

Mavis took off, pulling into the street and speeding down the block. Bernie! Let’s go! On the stick!

But Bernie just sat there. “What happened?” he said. He watched until Mavis was out of sight. “Any point in chasing after her?”

Any point in chasing after somebody? I didn’t understand the question.

(from Tender Is The Bite; “now available for preorder!” – Mrs. Publicist’s pushy mom)


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