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Sneak Peek: Tender Is The Bite (coming in July)


January 9th, 2021 Posted 8:39 am

We have some cool little tricks at the Little Detective Agency. Take, for example, the two-on-one. Pretty simple. We just separate a bit, me and Bernie, making some space between us. Here’s how we learned the two-on-one: One of us tossed a treat into the corner of a room and for the other one went and got it. That’s all there is to it! After a while you won’t even need the treat! That’s where we were now, me and Bernie nicely spaced in the trailer and Neddy in between. He had maybe the skinniest calves I’d ever seen. My teeth took no interest in them whatsoever.

(Now available for preorder)


Sneak Peek!


September 19th, 2020 Posted 8:15 am

Bark vs. Snark, 3rd in the middle-grade (but adults with fake ID can buy them) Queenie and Arthur series, comes out Oct. 6. Arthur (pictured here in the middle) and Queenie (to his left, or maybe right – you’ll have to read it to find out) tells the story in alternating chapters. Arthur leads off.

Ah, summer. My favorite season of the year by far, way better than … those other ones, the names not coming right off the bat. And here’s something you should know about me: whatever doesn’t come right off the bat, doesn’t come, period. So I don’t even bother trying to remember! Who needs bother? A life free from bother is the life for me! You should try it! But don’t try too hard. Trying too hard turns out to be bothersome all by itself. Nothing’s simple, as humans like to say, although it’s not the kind of remark I like to hear. I prefer “Who’s a good boy?” And “anyone want a treat?”


Sneak Peek!


May 2nd, 2020 Posted 9:51 am


Of Mutts And Men: Cover Reveal! Plus Excerpt!


December 12th, 2019 Posted 7:39 am

Many thanks to The Bark – The New Yorker of dog periodicals. Pub date for Of Mutts and Men is July 7, but it is available for pre-order this very minute.


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