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St. Paddy’s Day


March 17th, 2009 Posted 7:28 am

Today is St. Paddy’s Day. It means that Sergeant McGinn and Detective O’Hara of the Metro PD have just dropped in for a visit, bringing a case of beer and a bucket of ribs. Even though these aren’t ribs from Max’s Memphis Ribs – I knew that while they were still outside in the cruiser – anything where ribs are involved has to be good. Bernie’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt with green flowers – at least I think they’re green, can’t be trusted when it comes to colors, according to Bernie – and they’re all out back. Bernie’s got the ukulele and they’re singing Whiskey in the Jar. I like that song but it always leads to Bernie feeling not so good the next day. Everyone’s happy – they don’t even know what I’m doing over here by the rib bucket – and I love it when everyone’s happy. “Here’s to St. Paddy,” says Detective O’Hara, “kicked the snakes out of Ireland.” Don’t know who St. Paddy is, exactly, but I wish he’d come here. We’ve got snakes out the yingyang, and they scare me, not ashamed to admit it. The way they slither around!


No Post Today

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January 24th, 2009 Posted 12:14 pm

No post today. Why? Because we’re going hiking in the desert, me and Bernie. What’s better than that? Might see a javelina or two – I’ve had run-ins with those nasty little tuskers, I can tell you. Is there something about that in Dog On It? Can’t quite remember. And then there’s the matter of snakes. Don’t like them, not one bit. They have a smell all their own, something like toad only with fishiness added in. When I pick up that smell my fur rises right up. Once Bernie picked up this real big one, real careful, with a stick, just to examine its fangs. I almost went out of my mind! Tomorrow – Marley and Me.


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