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A Distant Memory


July 23rd, 2009 Posted 10:14 am

“Here’s what I think,” said Muriel Breit: “This is footage of a real incident.”

“You mean von Stroheim and Mayer actually got so mad at each other they ended up fighting over a gun?” Bernie said.

Muriel nodded. “And that script girl or whatever she was wandered in at the wrong moment, just as the gun went off, and got killed.” She sucked in some smoke, blew it out. “Any chance you’ve come across some old bones, or a skull, in this investigation?”

“Nope,” said Bernie.

Hey! Wait a minute! Whatever a minute is, exactly, but not long, right?



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April 6th, 2009 Posted 6:51 am

On the way out of Death Valley, we stopped for a picnic. Love picnics myself, and so does Bernie. He had a ham sandwich. Me too, without the bread. We sat on this high lookout, the floor of Death Valley spread out below. “Here’s what we’ve got so far. Kelo Printz, Hollywood producer and our client, missing. Some story about Louis B. Mayer and Erich von Stroheim, possibly fighting over a can of film. And the can itself, thanks to you, but  no film, instead a painting I’m almost sure is by Martin Ramirez, and so maybe tied to another case of ours from the past.” 

Wow! We knew all that?

“So what do you think, Chet? What’s going on?”

I finished up the last of the ham and felt the nice breeze that blew up at the lookout, waiting for a thought to come. And then I kind of had one: I remembered that human skull way back in the cave, just before everything came falling down.


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