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Legal Niceties


January 5th, 2011 Posted 9:06 am

Our lawyer’s Zimmy Berg, brother of Simon Berg who runs the world’s greatest business, namely Rover and Co., specialty food suppliers to the nation within. Right now Zimmy’s talking to Bernie about estate planning. Not sure why. Our place on Mesquite Road is nice and I wouldn’t think of living anywhere else, but you couldn’t call it an estate, like say Albie Rose’s set-up in Vegas.

“Have you considered writing Chet into your will?” Zimmy says.

“What will?” says Bernie.

“You’re joking, right?” says Zimmy. “No? Good God. But after we get that rectified, we can set up an enforceable pet trust fund. Not all states have them, but we do.”

Bernie is quiet.

“I sense resistance,” says Zimmy.

“Not to the trust fund part,” says Bernie.

“You’re having some kind of juvenile reaction to the idea of wills in general?” says Zimmy.

What are they talking about? Estates, still? I’m not sure. It has nothing to do with me. I’m no pet, but a full partner in the Little Detective Agency.

Announcement from Admin: The Astrid case will resume after the completion of The Dog Who Knew Too Much. Otherwise: schizophrenia, in the common but solecistic sense of the term.


Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!


November 25th, 2009 Posted 9:37 am

Look who’s pulling up in the driveway. It’s Simon Berg, CEO of Rover and Co. – I think he’s in Dog On It, or possibly Thereby Hangs A Tail. No idea what CEO means but Rover and Co. makes the best treats in the whole universe. No idea what that is either, but Bernie talks about it a lot. The universe, I mean. It turns out to be very big and also a kind of clock, plus something about the stars. Your call.

Anyway, here comes Simon Berg with a real big grocery bag in his hand. Bernie opens the front door and zoom! I’m outta there!

Oops. Didn’t mean that to happen. Simon’s not a big strong guy like Bernie, forgot to keep that in mind. But now that he’s down on the ground I’ll give his face some nice quick licks. Simon Berg – one of the best humans around.

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, so no new post. Maybe an old post, like the first chapter of Thereby Hangs A Tail. Did we already do that? How about some of the second chapter?


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