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End in Sight


March 20th, 2015 Posted 8:31 am

What an endurance test the Iditarod is – and for CEO’s, too! Here’s Rebecca, our Snowhook CEO:

This could be another ‘No Post Today’ kind of a day. I am in Nome and my internet access is fairly non-existent.

After the obligatory White Mountain Wait, AJ will depart from the checkpoint and make the seventy-seven mile march to Nome where I will be waiting for him under the burled arch on Front Street.

Over the course of this training and race season, I have thought a lot about commitment to the dogs. Despite race records and standings, I am very proud of He is Not Cold For He Has Good Dogs for putting the dogs, their care and training ahead of personal interests, fatigue and other distractions.

I am proud of the dogs, too. They want to run. They need to run. They love to run.

Thank you to the Plunderers for making this possible for Snowhook. I believe a sniff is in order—such is the nature of the best-damn-handling-wife.


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