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Financial Advice (More)


August 6th, 2011 Posted 8:45 am

“Lost our AAA rating?” says Spence. “The whole country?”

“Yup,” says Admin. “Probably grounds for not paying taxes – it’s not a safe investment anymore.”

“Let’s leave that idea on the shelf for now. What about Bernie’s futures scheme?”

“Shorting pasta on the assumption that Italy’s going down the tubes? I like Wookie’s take – that’s the al dente plan.”

“But is that what to do? Make bets on things getting even worse?”

Admin sips his coffee, says nothing.

“How about we take Audrey for a walk, now that she’s been cleared by the vet?” says Spence.

“That’s the ticket.”

Welcome 2 Bizzy Lizzy, Pickles, Pink Collar Dude, Cooper, Buddy and Wolfie.


Financial Advice


August 5th, 2011 Posted 7:58 am

Bernie’s up early, sipping coffee, tapping away at the computer. “Economy’s in trouble, big guy. But here’s what to remember – you can play it either way. That’s the beauty of capitalism.”

Oh, no.

“For example, looks like Italy’s going down the tubes. Too bad – I always wanted to go there. But you can’t get emotional about this.” He picks up the phone. “Waldo?” he says.

Waldo – our new financial adviser. Bernie says that story about him in the paper made something or other look worse than it was.

“Waldo? Got a question for you. Is there a futures market in pasta? If so, I want to short pasta. Big time, Waldo. Everything we’ve got.”

I look around for something to gnaw on.


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