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Chetspeak on Sunday: Scents and Sensibility – 2nd Sneak Peek


June 14th, 2015 Posted 8:30 am

We came back much more slowly, Shooter and I side by side, our tongues possibly hanging out the slightest bit. It’s also possible we had thorns of some sort in our coats – I was pretty sure I did – and Shooter had learned a hard lesson or two involving javelinas and those pesky tusks of theirs. But most of all we were filled with the feeling you get from a job well done, although what the actual job had been wasn’t super clear to me. Something about a Slim Jim? That seemed right. As we climbed over the crest of the last rise and came to our back gate – mine and Bernie’s – I wondered about the chances of another Slim Jim real soon. Pretty good, right? I could think of no reason why not.

– from SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY (coming Bastille Day!)


Chetspeak on Sunday


April 19th, 2015 Posted 9:49 am

Today: More background for SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY. This is from A FISTFUL OF COLLARS:

Bernie opened the box, took out a chew strip, gave it a little shake. “Up and over, big guy,” he said. One thing about the chew strips from Rover and Company: they had the best smell in the world. And another thing about them: if they got shaken like that, the smell got even stronger, especially if the breeze suddenly shifted a bit, now blowing – no, not hard – but right in your face. How to describe it? Like a wonderfully beefy breeze, hickory smoked? Something of the kind, and maybe given time I could have described it better, but it was too late. I was already in mid-air, soaring over the gate – clearing it by plenty, by the way; I checked – and headed for a nice soft landing in the canyon.

The naked bulb over the gate went on. The gate swung open. Bernie and Mr. Parsons gazed out at me, caught in the circle of light. I gazed back at them.

“Right after I took that picture,” Mr. Parsons said, “I heard a woman calling for him and the little critter took off.”

“Catch the name?” said Bernie.

“Shooter,” Mr. Parsons said.

“Oh, boy,” Bernie said.

And here’s a great picture book (by Sarah Weeks and David Small) that we discovered at the Texas Library Assoc. Conference:




Chetspeak on Sunday


April 12th, 2015 Posted 8:05 am

Great titles coming in for the Christmas story! Meanwhile, here’s Chetspeak. Consider this background for SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY:

I lay by the fire, watching it slowly die. I could watch fires forever. The night grew quiet, quiet as it ever gets in the Valley. I was falling asleep myself when all at once I heard the she-bark. And not just the she-bark, but the she-bark sounding closer than before, much closer. Was that just wishful thinking – an expression I’d heard Bernie use from time to time – on my part? Couldn’t tell you. It was just the way I think, that’s all. I rose, ran to the back fence and leaped over, soaring into the night.

– from DOG ON IT.


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