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August 12th, 2019 Posted 7:31 am

As I maybe mentioned already, I’d once seen the aquifer, a tiny puddle way down at the bottom of a construction site. That gave me an idea – one of my very best! – and the next thing I knew I was digging. Not that casual sort of front paws digging, but all-out all-paws digging, pedal to the metal. Digging didn’t even describe what I was up to. This was excavating! I was excavating this – flower-bed, was it? – to get down to the aquifer, no matter how deep. Hard work, sure, but all for Charlie, so I loved doing it. Well, I already loved doing it, but because of Charlie I loved it even more! I was so full of love that when I happened to glance over and notice Shooter at my side, excavating away at full blast, enormous clods of earth flying high into the sky – what a fine digger he turned out to be! – I didn’t mind a bit. The truth was at that moment I loved him, too. What a world! We dug and dug, digging ourselves deeper and deeper into the –

Leda has this scream, so piercing it’s hard to believe a human can do it. I hadn’t heard that scream in a nice, long time, but I thought I sort of heard it now.

(from Heart of Barkness, the new Chet and Bernie novel)


Random Amazon Review We Like


April 3rd, 2017 Posted 8:37 am

5.0 out of 5 stars – Scents and Sensibility – April 2, 2017.
Enjoyed the addition of Shooter. Hope there is more about him. I hope this isn’t the last of the series. I really love these stories.
(There will be more – but after THE RIGHT SIDE!)

What’s In A Name?


May 17th, 2016 Posted 9:04 am

Mrs. Publicist: Well, we’re a bit past the fifteenth of the month, but since we’re here, how about another episode of What’s In A Name – where Spence discusses a character name from the Chet and Bernie series. Can we do Shooter, Spence? Some readers asked.

Spencer Quinn: Why not? The moment Chet heard she-barking in DOG ON IT, Shooter’s existence was determined, even if I didn’t know it at the time. But grasping these possibilities is the novelist’s job.

Mrs. P: So at the end of DOG ON IT, when Chet jumps the gate at the back of their place on Mesquite Road … ?

SQ: Exactly. Although we don’t actually see the resulting puppy and learn his name until book 4, THE DOG WHO KNEW TOO MUCH. Shooter finally plays a big role in book 8, SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY.

Mrs. P: Those scenes where Chet is held captive and Shooter –

SQ: No spoilers! As for the name, you know I (along with C&B) like country music. The late Waylon Jennings, a great country singer and a member of the outlaw faction (along with Willie and Merle), named his son Shooter. I liked that outlaw part – the fact that it’s an in-your-face type of name. The character was all laid out for me right there.

Mrs. P: Thanks, Spence. See you June 15 for another episode of What’s In A Name!


Chetspeak on Sunday


May 8th, 2016 Posted 8:27 am

We came back much more slowly, Shooter and I side by side, our tongues possibly hanging out the slightest bit. It’s also possible we had thorns of some sort in our coats – I was pretty sure I did – and Shooter had learned a hard lesson or two involving javelinas and those pesky tusks of theirs. But most of all we were filled with the feeling you get from a job well done, although what the actual job had been wasn’t super clear to me. Something about a Slim Jim? That seemed right. As we climbed over the crest of the last rise and came to our back gate – mine and Bernie’s – I wondered about the chances of another Slim Jim real soon. Pretty good, right? I could think of no reason why not.



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