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April 6th, 2012 Posted 9:06 am

“One hundred and fifty years ago today,” Spence says.

“Shiloh,” says Admin. “Hornet’s nest, fallen timbers, sunken road – the first really big bloodbath of the Civil War.”

“Although there’s a sunken road at Antietam, too – kind of confusing.”

“Don’t a lot of the battles have a similar pattern – Confederates winning day one, Union day two, and then it’s sort of over?”

“Not sure. But in two or three days those huge armies would probably eat up all the food around and have to move on.”

“Reminds me of Napoleon – an army marches on its belly.”

“Civil War tactics hadn’t moved on much from Napoleon’s time. But the weapons had, as both armies learned in the worst way. Endlessly fascinating in retrospect, the Civil War, and if I may venture an opinion, a guarantee of American exceptionalism pretty much forever.”

Welcome Guinness.


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