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October 1st, 2014 Posted 7:55 am

“Haven’t had rain in some time,” Spence. “Nice to hear it on the roof.”

“For the rain it raineth every day,” says Admin.

“Er, right, Shakespeare,” says Spence. “But my point was it hasn’t exactly been rainething every day.”

“What if Shakespeare had grown up in Yuma, Arizona, say? Do you think he would have still written that line?”

“I think his life would have been different in general.”

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Chetspeak On Sunday


August 17th, 2014 Posted 6:38 am

The next time I opened my eyes, the sky was just starting to lighten in a milky sort of way, too soon for telling whether it was clear or cloudy. I looked across at Bernie. Sometimes I think you only see humans the way they really are from the side. Actually I’d never thought that before and wished I hadn’t now. I mean, what comes next? All I knew was I really liked Bernie’s face from the side; and the front, of course, goes without mentioning. As for what I could see? First, Bernie was real tired, his face pale except for dark patches under his eyes. Second, the eyes themselves were intense, like Bernie was wired about something. I sat right up. When Bernie’s wired, I’m wired.

He glanced over at me. “Sleeve of care all knitted back up, big guy?” he said, pretty much losing me from the get-go. I checked the sleeves of his shirt, saw nothing unusual.


Welcome to the friends gallery: Pookie.


Friend of the Month Reminder


May 31st, 2014 Posted 8:51 am

“So that’s it for the darlin’ buds of May,” says Admin. “If any.”

“And therefore?” says Spence.

“Time for the friend of the month reminder! See Fred the turtle and “Little” Leadville over there on the right? They’re  Chet’s Friends of the Month for May. All their human companion did was send in a photo to the gallery. The random number generator (see below) did the rest, and their human companion qualified for a signed and paw-printed copy of The Sound and the Furry. This could be you! Just send in a photo.”



Hymns At Heaven’s Gate


March 17th, 2013 Posted 7:14 am

“Back from Tucson?” Admin says.

“Yup,” says Spence.

“You’re up early.”

“Early Eastern time. Can’t sleep in.”

“That’s because you’re a lark.”


“Like to the lark at break of day arising.”

“Not following you.”

“Proves my point. Care to discuss the festival?”

“How about tomorrow?”

Welcome Fergie from Michigan, seen here:

Fergie, a rescue husky/corgi mix, chillin\' in Michigan.


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