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Chetspeak on Sunday: The Screenwriter


July 17th, 2016 Posted 9:44 am

“But,” Bernie was saying, “I’ve got one or two misgivings about the historical record.”

“Misgivings?” Arn said. He sucked on what remained of his cigarette, just the stub. “Historical record?” I was with him, not following Bernie at all.

“For one thing,” Bernie said, “you’ve got the waterways dry like they are today. Fact is water ran in all of them back then, at least seasonally.”

“Yeah?” said Arn, not sounding interested in the least.

“And if,” Bernie said, his voice sharpening, “Thad’s really supposed to become a territorial ranger just before the blood brothers scene, then you’ll have to change the date – the territorial rangers weren’t formed until 1860.”

“Hmph,” said Arn. He dropped the cigarette butt on the floor. “Here’s the thing, Bernie. You’re not in the industry so there’s no way you’d know this. Movies – going way back, right to the beginning – create their own truth. Life imitates art, as we now know only too well.”

Bernie gave him a long look, then ground the cigarette butt under his heel. “What do you do with all the money?” he said.



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