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April 2nd, 2011 Posted 8:55 am

“Here’s a story from Japan,” Bernie says. “The Japanese coast guard rescued a dog out at sea, drifting on a rooftop – and three weeks now after the tsunami. No clues on the collar to point toward any identification. The coast guard rescuers gave him – or her, doesn’t say – biscuits and sausages. And water, too, I hope. Wonder what that poor dog drank the whole time.” He gives me a look. “Could you survive on sea water, big guy?”

Sea water? Wasn’t this about biscuits and sausages? I’ve been in sea water, that time we went to San Diego. We’d surfed, me and Bernie!

Welcome Sterling.

Quacky Baseball tour continues:


Agony Of Defeat


June 24th, 2010 Posted 8:44 am

No rush on the pop quiz. It’s summertime! Send answers to

“Jason Giambi?” Admin says. “Why did it have to be Jason Giambi?”

“At least it wasn’t Jeremy Giambi,” says Spence.

“Is that supposed to be funny?”


Admin pours himself another drink.

“Don’t get too upset,” Spence says. “It’s a long season.”

“So was the Spanish Inquisition,” says Admin.

“True,” says Spence. “But they didn’t serve those ballpark sausages you like.”

“The ones with the onions and peppers?”

Sausages? A whole lot of blah blah blah wafting over  me and all of a sudden sausages were in the picture? Was someone about to go into the kitchen and get busy? I waited.


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Thin Ice!


December 6th, 2009 Posted 8:52 am

“Here’s something from Black River Falls, Wisconsin,” Bernie says. “I think that’s near LaCrosse.” I’m no wiser. It’s Sunday, Elvis gospel is on XM/Sirius, and I’m waiting for Bernie to make sausages. He spoke of sausages last night and they’ve been on my mind ever since, but he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to get to the stove. Instead he’s sipping coffee and tapping away at the keyboard.

“Seems like a kid fell through ice into a pond at a development called Lallapalooza Estates.” Lallapalooza Estates? Is Bernie making this up? “He had a dog with him – Sye, an Irish setter – and Sye went in after him. The kid somehow scrambled out, and then the fire department came and rescued Sye.” Whew! “Ice is dangerous, Chet. Remember that.”

Okay. But we don’t have ice here in the Valley. Or ponds. I thump my tail in a way that means: Sausages! Now!

Bernie sips his coffee, taps away at his machine.


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