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Nice Going, Sadie The Scottie


February 17th, 2010 Posted 8:53 am

Sadie wins Westminster! Way to go, and congratulations to all the competitors, of whom I missed some, maybe a lot, on account of falling asleep. We’ve been pretty busy lately, me and Bernie. But he says that Sadie and her handler Gabriel Rangel like to watch Animal Planet together, and so do we! Although all that watching didn’t prepare me for some of the things that happened in book 3.

Some question came up down in the bottom part about Leda and the Little Detective Agency? Here’s a bit from the beginning of Dog On It:

The door opened and in, with a little stumble, came Bernie Little, founder and part owner (his ex-wife, Leda, walked off with the rest) of the Little Detective Agency. I’d seen him look worse, but not often.


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