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Stay Off The Ice, Pifas!


February 26th, 2013 Posted 8:06 am

“Have we done a dog on the ice story this winter?” Admin says. “Here’s one from Lake Michigan. Pifas is the name – kind of looks like Rufus, another Nova Scotia duck trolling retriever of our acquaintance.”,0,4702826.story

Welcome Honey (and in answer to your question, the next Chet and Bernie mystery is The Sound and the Furry, coming in Sept.):

Honey: playful, caring, & curious.  What\'s next, Chet?


In an Unstrange Land


November 10th, 2009 Posted 11:48 am

We’re in a foreign country, me and Bernie. It’s called Canada. I’m not sure why it’s foreign. The people talk a little funny, but not as funny, say, as Boodles Canneloni,  a perp we put away some time ago, and there was nothing foreign about him. 

This city’s called Vancouver. A beautiful city, Bernie says. He took a lot of pictures although now he can’t find the camera. Suzie’s here, too. We’re visiting my buddy Rufus. Is he an official Friend of Chet? Can’t remember. He likes to shove balls way under the couch where he can’t get them and then try to get them anyway. We did that for hours yesterday. Great game!

It’s been raining the whole time, so different from home. It’s nice to go out and feel the rain. We got very muddy, me and Rufus. Life can be great!


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