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Beginnings (More)


March 25th, 2018 Posted 8:06 am

On Sunday we’ve been doing beginnings – all the Chet and Bernies (as part of Chetspeak) – and now taking on all the Peter Abrahams novels in chronological order. Here, from 2002, #12 – THE TUTOR, which the Wall Street Journal called “superb”. Among other things, the response of a noted childrens book editor to the character of Ruby led to all Abrahams’s writing for YA and middle-grade.

Linda Marx Gardner awoke from a dream and felt her husband’s erection against her hip. Not nudging it, not demanding; just there. Earlier in her marriage, or maybe more accurately very early, on predawn mornings like this, the bedroom dim and shadowy, Linda would have taken hold of Scott and started something. Those predawn somethings, their bodies still loose and heavy with sleep, would usually turn out pretty good, sometimes better than that.

Linda got out of bed.


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