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Make New Friends In The Exciting World of Tin Futures


May 13th, 2010 Posted 8:50 am

Lately we’ve been listening to Charlie Poole a lot in the Porsche. “Absolute country music pioneer,” Bernie says. “And one of the great boozers in music, right up there with Hank Williams.”

I’m a music-lover myself – Roy Eldridge and his trumpet, Elmore James and his slide guitar – but Charlie Poole turns out to be a banjo player and there’s something about the banjo that hurts my ears. Bernie loves the banjo, has talked about getting one more than once. When it comes to ears there are big differences between me and Bernie.

“I think there’s a Charlie Poole festival somewhere in North Carolina every spring. Would that be fun or what?”

I wasn’t sure. First I’d heard of North Carolina, and what if there were lots of dudes playing banjos?

Meanwhile Bernie cranks up the volume. “This is my favorite cut.”


Speak, Memory (More Clearly)


June 9th, 2009 Posted 5:59 am

Lt. Stine changed his mind, came with us – me, Bernie, Suzie – to the Dry Gulch Steakhouse and Saloon after all. Has the Dry Gulch come up yet? Maybe in Dog On It? Or possibly Thereby Hangs A Tail? So much to remember! But the point is it’s a great place and they like me and I like them. At first – this was on the patio, the tiles nice and cool underneath me – I was so busy with the steak tips that I missed a lot of the back-and-forth, but it was all about the petroglyph thieves and Bernie asking them nicely to stop and then the knife came out and after that did the fur fly! Whatever that means, since I was the only one with fur and it remained on me the whole time, completely intact – and kind of thick and glossy, if you don’t mind me tooting my own horn. Whatever that means. How else would you play a horn? Not that I can, of course, but I love the trumpet, especially when Roy Eldridge is playing. Bernie says they called him Little Jazz, can’t remember why. But I almost can. It’s very very close. Do you ever get that feeling in your head?


Desert Highways

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February 7th, 2009 Posted 1:40 pm

When we’re on a case we spend lots of time in the Porsche, me and Bernie. Bernie drives, I ride shotgun. This is a real old Porsche, by the way. Sometimes strange noises happen and then Bernie pulls over and gets out the tools. That never ends well. I try not to watch. But the point is while we’re in the car, especially on those long desert stretches, we listen to music. Lots of Billie Holiday – I love when the trumpet comes in. Roy Eldridge, Bernie says. Wow. Does things up and down my spine. Also the Louvin brothers – that brother with the high voice, he gets those spine things going too. What I don’t get is how come Bernie’s a big fan of Bob Dylan. Doesn’t that voice hurt his ears? I’ve done a lot of staring at Bernie’s ears. His nose, of course, like all human noses, is tiny and useless. But human ears, not what you’d call big, aren’t tiny, either. So why don’t they work better? Does Bernie hear much when he’s listening to music? Sometimes I worry.


The Books

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