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Chet And Lew


October 16th, 2012 Posted 8:44 am

“Here’s a quote from an Amazon review of A Cat Was Involved,” Admin says. “I think you’ll like it: ‘Chet is the best narrator of crime fiction since Lew Archer.'”

“Whoa,” says Spence. “I love it. The Lew Archer novels, by Ross Macdonald, are my all-time favorites in the whole genre.”

“Mine, too. Do you think Macdonald was still getting better when he got sick?”

“I do,” says Spence. “What about the criticism that he basically wrote the same plot over and over?”

“Was it gripping every time?”


“Then so what?”

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Ross Macdonald (Kenneth Millar):



My Pal Iggy


September 25th, 2009 Posted 8:08 am

“No one walks until we see proof that Kelo’s all right,” Bernie said. Kelo Printz was our client. If he wasn’t all right, who was paying?

“What kind of proof?” Portia said.

“Being in the same room with a walking and talking all-in-one-piece Kelo would do it,” Bernie said.


“See,” said Bernie, “that’s not good. This is starting to remind me of a Ross Macdonald novel.”

“Who’s he?” said Suzie.

“He was a crime novelist,” Bernie said. “And a great one. In his stories, violent acts from long ago echo down to the present. And here we’ve clearly got violent acts from long ago.”

Suzie took out her notebook. “Care to elaborate?”

Hey! Was that Iggy’s yip-yip-yip? I glanced out the window.


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