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Iditarod And Snowhook (More)


March 4th, 2013 Posted 7:43 am

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 7.05.47 PM

“Day one is in the books,” Spence says. “And here’s what Rebecca – “

“Of Snowhook,” Admin says, “our team.”

” – has to say. And hat tip to Melanie for the screen shot above showing AJ and the wonderful team hitting the trail.”

When AJ said he wanted to run dogs, I made him this promise that I would do everything in my power to get him to the starting line, he just has to get the team to the finish line.  Seeing the team leave the starting line brings mixed emotions—pride, joy, the tightness of separation from one another that I can’t shrug from my shoulders among them.  The departure means I’ve done my part of the job—hopefully well.  I still have other logistical tasks, but no longer work against what sometimes seems an impossible deadline.  AJ’s  part alters, moving from training to racing. 

On a day of mixed emotions, we were fortunate enough to be surrounded by good friends and the family we have chosen.  Before stepping on the runners, AJ passed out hugs and handshakes of gratitude.  Rose and the Professor became insta-handlers as we harnessed the dogs, hooked up the team, and prepared to leave our dog truck and move toward the starting line.  Rose and Professor also served as a much needed distraction and offered humor for me once the team took their leave of home and headed for Nome. 


It was wonderful to share the starting line with part of the Plunderers.  They will be missed.  However, Rose has talked of making a career change to handler. 


At the time of this post, AJ and the team have left the second of two checkpoints and are currently listed in 22nd place.  There is no need to get too excited about ranking right now—a lot can happen in thousand miles.  You won’t win the race in the first 300 miles, but you can lose the race in the first 300 miles. 

“And this from Rose:”

Layers….the secret to warmth!



And Now It Begins: Iditarod 2013 – Go Snowhook!


March 3rd, 2013 Posted 7:41 am

“Yesterday being only the ceremonial start,” Spence says.

“Good thing,” says Admin, “since although I was right there in front of the screen I must have blinked at a key moment.”

“For newcomers to the blog, our team is Snowhook – “

“Musher Justin, also known as AJ, CEO Rebecca – “

” – and Rose, Plunderer extraordinaire is on the scene, with Prof, her husband. Here’s a report from her.”

Alaska is awesome.  Everyone should see Alaska and the Iditarod at least once in their lives!  The people are very friendly.  Yesterday [Friday], AJ, Rebecca, and handler Nick, took the Prof and I out on the trail.  It was absolutely the most thrilling thing we will ever do in our lives.  Prof and I even mushed our teams.  There is nothing more exciting than being out on the trail, with a lovely snowfall!

Rebecca and AJ are the nicest people, most genuine people we have ever met.  We are honored to meet them, and very lucky to be a part of the 2013 Iditarod!

“Plus,” says Spence, “Rebecca, despite how busy she must be, found time to get in touch:”

Our Ceremonial start was uneventful as far as our time on the trail, yet we had some highlights as well as low lights.  Does Rose, Plunder Extraordinaire, giving Rio Jr. a pep talk count as a highlight?  In my opinion, yes.  I was also given some ‘cheesecake’ money by a fan of the kennel—that’s at least two highlights if Chet is counting. 

“And here is a shot of the pep talk. Plus Prof, Rose, Rebecca, and AJ at the Mushers Banquet.”

“How proud are we to see the Chet patch?”

“Couldn’t be prouder.”



Welcome Hoover.



Go Snowhook!


March 2nd, 2013 Posted 7:47 am

“Ceremonial start of the Iditarod is today,” says Spence. “And it can be watched for free at starting at 9:30 AM Alaska time, which is 1:30 PM Eastern. For newcomers here our team is the wonderfully humane Snowhook Kennel, featuring musher Justin Savidis, CEO Rebecca Savidis, and the most beautiful dogs you can imagine.”

“CBS in Alaska did a piece on Snowhook yesterday,” Admin says. “Which you can see here:”

“And a special shoutout to Rose, one of our blog Plunderers, who will be at the start live and in person.”

Welcome Sandi & Zeva, Benji from Bradenton FL.



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