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Iditarod (Still More)


March 11th, 2011 Posted 8:20 am

“So,” says Spence, “the leader’s at the halfway point. Name of Trent Herbst, a fourth-grade teacher from Idaho who doesn’t own his team.”

“Doesn’t own his team?” says Admin. “Meaning we could go up there and rent one next year?”

“I was thinking borrow,” Spence says. “But the interesting thing is that the halfway point is a ghost town named guess what.”

“I hate guess what with a passion.”

“Take a stab at it. Just this once.”


Spence stares at Admin in silence. “Wow,” he says after a while. “That is so close, in a strange way. And totally wrong. The ghost town is in fact Iditarod, from which the race gets its name. But what would that be like, some kind of ghost story that takes place during the Iditarod?”

“The Arctic trails,” says Admin, “have their secret tales/That would make your blood run cold.”

“Yeah,” Spence says. “That kind of thing.”

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