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History Class: From Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street


January 29th, 2012 Posted 7:22 am

“The robber barons,” said Mr. Stinecki in history class the next day, “is the name given to a group of industrialists and financiers in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Can we name some of them?”








“Flagler?” said Signe Stone. “I think I’m related to him.”

“Does the development office know?” said Mr. Stinecki.

Maybe that was a joke; if so, no one laughed. Mr. Stinecki was in his second year at Thatcher. There were rumors that he wasn’t being asked back for a third.

We spent the rest of the period on the robber barons. We learned that Morgan swatted photographers with his gold-tipped cane, that Gould tried to kidnap a Scottish lord named Gordon-Gordon, almost starting a war between the U.S. and Canada, and that Rockefeller once said, “God gave me the money.”

“Any questions?” said Mr. Stinecki.

Welcome happy dude, dude and human companion, Alicia, Blue.

Congratulations to AJ and the Snowhook team on yesterday’s victory up in Alaska! Is there a picture we can post tomorrow? Probably a good time to post a whole reminder about Snowhook, the Iditarod, sled dog racing, everything.


No Post Today


March 7th, 2011 Posted 6:09 am

How come? Something about a road trip, a meeting, a book about Robbie, whoever that may be. Admin and Spence were talking about it, but at the same time a brand new kind of kibble appeared in my bowl. My inside-the-house bowl is the one I mean. I also have an outside-the-house bowl for when I’m in a picnicking mood, but the problem is the birds who seem to often be in a picnicking mood, too.

Welcome Summer, Autumn, Carib dude, beautiful golden (who may be Carib dude from another angle); party aficionado: please try again.


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No Post Today


August 27th, 2010 Posted 10:05 am

How come? First, Rosie leaves for Prague today. There’s a lot of real intense packing going on around here. Admin and Spence have been sent on lots of errands, including to aisles in drugstores they’re pretty unfamiliar with. Second, Admin finished Robbie yesterday (probable title – Robyn Hoodly and Her Band of Thieves) and he’s looking very sleepy. And there may be other reasons, but isn’t two enough?

As for the quilt, everyone here loves it! It looks real comfortable, but Bernie already said, “Don’t get any ideas, big guy. That’s going on a wall, way way up.”


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Chez Albie Rose (Revised)


June 8th, 2010 Posted 8:00 am

Zoom! Up and over! There’s really nothing like a good high leap to make you feel tip-top. I landed lightly on the other side of Albie Rose’s gate, and what did I find right away? A tennis ball. I was just snapping it up when I heard a loud thump. I looked around and there was Bernie, also on this side of the gate, but lying on the ground, a big rip in his pants and kind of groaning. I dropped the tennis ball right away, went over and licked his face.

“Must have slightly misjudged something or other,” he said, and popped right up. And if not popping right up he at least got to his feet, leaning on me a bit. We’re a good team, me and Bernie. We turned and headed up toward Albie Rose’s house. No one around, but the front door was open.

Note from Admin: Quacky Baseball is a picture book written by PA and illustrated by Frank Morrison. It comes out Opening Day, 2011. PA is now writing a new middle-grade series (not Ingrid), set in NYC and slightly touched by the paranormal.

And don’t miss great puppy pics in yesterday’s comments section!


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