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Monsieur Trudeau


March 7th, 2009 Posted 10:03 am

Back home now and guess what. We found the Ramirez painting. This guy Martin Ramirez spent most of his life locked up, Bernie says, but he wasn’t a perp. I don’t get it. The painting shows a big guy in a kind of cowboy hat riding a little mule. It’s scares me a bit, can’t say why. 

Then comes a surprise. We took the painting to Monsieur Trudeau. Have I mentioned him? Monsieur Trudeau’s our art guy. Bernie likes him. He did time up at Northern State for painting these really cool pictures of horses and signing them with someone else’s name, Remington, maybe. Why is that a crime? Now he paints houses. He looked at the Ramirez painting for hardly any time at all and said, “It’s a fake, my friends.” 

So now what?


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