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April 1st, 2023 Posted 12:07 pm

Due to technical difficulties, the random number generator won’t be choosing Chet’s April Friend of the Month until Monday, meaning there’s still time to post a pic on the FB page. (And the special prize this month is a signed ARC of Mrs. Plansky’s Revenge – probably worth somewhere in the two figures on eBay!) Meanwhile here’s a very recent reader email, the kind that makes a writer want to go on forever:
“I’ve been an Audible listener for many years and of course, have all the Chet and Bernie books in my library. And now, I can’t even imagine my life without Chet…and Bernie too! Just finished Bark To The Future. Great job, maybe the best to date. But it’s hard to say because they’re all so good!!! Chet always seems to put me in a good mood and make me laugh. If everyone read or listened to these books the world would be a happier place. Please don’t stop writing them…Ever! Lol Thank you.”

Hawaiian Pants


June 14th, 2021 Posted 8:21 am

As readers of the Chet and Bernie series know, Hawaiian pants play a highly negative role in the fortunes of C&B. Here’s a pertinent email from Ellen, a very entertaining reader. (If anyone has relevant photo evidence, please send.)

Hello. I’m a big fan of your Chet and Bernie books. As a sharp eyed reader, I just wanted to alert you to the fact that there is a fashion trend out there that is alarmingly like Bernie’s beloved Hawaiian pants. It is the male romper. I just saw a young man, seemingly normal, in a pink floral romper at a waterfront restaurant on the Chesapeake Bay. Every older woman dining on the deck followed him with their eyes. Men averted their eyes and mumbled things like, “Did he lose a bet to have to wear that?”. His party walked to a pavilion bar at the end of the pier. I didn’t get a great look at his outfit, not having my glasses on, so I walked down the pier to take a look at the bar & the onesie wearer. The romper wearer was with a group of 20-somethings, part of a pre wedding get together. His friend was leaning into him and I heard this snatch of a conversation. “…attention. You just had to wear that f***ing…..”. Very close to those Hawaiian pants, very close.


From A Reader Email (Should This Be A Law?)


March 5th, 2020 Posted 7:37 am

This now appears with my signature at the bottom of my emails:

“Smiling is about as close as humans can get to a tail wag.”
(Quinn, Spencer. Thereby Hangs a Tail: A Chet and Bernie Mystery (The Chet and Bernie Mystery Series Book 2) (p. 43). Atria Books. Kindle Edition.)


Reader Email


June 17th, 2019 Posted 7:57 am

Although the Chet and Bernie series is for adults, some kids are reading them. I sometimes read adult books when I was a kid. Let freedom ring!

Here’s the kind of reader feedback that any writer would treasure:

“Hi, my name is XXXX and I am 11, live in XXXXXX, and I have read all of your books on Chet and Bernie (and the short ebooks).

Unless you already have an idea, could I pitch some ideas for the 10th book in your series (if you are doing one)? One idea I had was for Bernie and Chet to go overseas to London to see the new job offer that Suzie gave him in Scents and Sensibility. (But your 9th book hasn’t come out yet so if there is something in that book that interrupts the plot of him checking out London, I’m sorry). In London there could be a missing kid case, in which one of Suzie’s friend’s kid goes missing. Another idea I had was for them to go to Wyoming for a missing kid case. Basically, as Chet would say, missing kids are our MO, which is why I am pitching these to you. Sorry if the first one seemed like the plot of Paw and Order.
Again these are just suggestions, thank you for reading!

Have a nice day!”

I certainly will!


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