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Random Amazon Review We Like


May 7th, 2019 Posted 8:33 am

Anonymous on RUFF VS. FLUFF, May 4 (spoiler alert!):

Five Stars РSuch a cute story. Queenie and Arthur are such adorable characters. They add their own insight helping their humans solve a murder and the mystery of the missing map and found gold.


Random Amazon Review


April 13th, 2019 Posted 8:57 am

TwinWithTwins on RUFF VS. FLUFF:

5.0 out of 5 stars – Great book! – April 10, 2019.

My daughter and I really enjoyed reading this book together. Suspense, comedy and a dog and cat. Purrfect! Can’t wait for the next one.


Random Amazon Review We Like


January 28th, 2019 Posted 8:59 am

5.0 out of 5 stars – New direction for Spencer Quinn – January 27, 2019

“This was the first Spencer Quinn book I’ve read that wasn’t about Chet and Bernie, and I was very pleasantly surprised with this new direction.

Spencer Quinn is a great writer, his books are well thought out, and believable, even those with the narrative from a dog’s perspective.

The Right Side is a more serious novel, about the difficult life journey of a young woman who was terribly injured while serving in Afghanistan. A real page turner, exciting right up to the last page.

I highly recommend this book.”


Random Amazon Review We Like


August 30th, 2018 Posted 7:13 am

5.0 out of 5 stars –¬†This book is everything – August 28, 2019.
Suzanne on THE RIGHT SIDE:
A book about an injured veteran with PTSD… she finds her way, partially by finding a dog. But it’s not that simple. Sure, I’m a huge dog lover, who believes dogs save us. I’m also married to a vet with PTSD. So for me this book rang true in every way. But it also has depth, and compassion, and irony, and sorrow. I wanted it to never end. I don’t often enjoy books that seem sad, but ultimately this book wasn’t sad. But it was real. I guess that’s bottom line, it felt real. I loved it. Would read more if this were a series. I really, really loved it.

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