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Monsieur Trudeau, Part 2


April 7th, 2009 Posted 8:10 am

Back home, we paid a visit on Monsieur Trudeau. Has he come up yet? Monsieur Trudeau’s our art guy. Bernie likes him. He’s got this poodle named Fifi. I like Fifi. Monsieur Trudeau did time up at Northern State for painting these really cool pictures of horses and signing them with someone else’s name, Remington, maybe. Why is that a crime? Now he paints houses. 

Monsieur Trudeau lives in a garden apartment. The garden’s in the back. Fifi and I went out there. She was especially friendly today. On account of that I pretty much missed whatever Bernie and Monsieur Trudeau were talking about. 

Back in the car, Bernie gave me a long gaze. “Looking pretty pleased with yourself, big guy.” I yawned, a nice wide-open kind of yawn. “A genuine Martin Ramirez,” Bernie said. “Might be worth a hundred grand. The question is – who owns it?”

Why couldn’t it be ours?


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