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Sneak Peek!


September 19th, 2020 Posted 8:15 am

Bark vs. Snark, 3rd in the middle-grade (but adults with fake ID can buy them) Queenie and Arthur series, comes out Oct. 6. Arthur (pictured here in the middle) and Queenie (to his left, or maybe right – you’ll have to read it to find out) tells the story in alternating chapters. Arthur leads off.

Ah, summer. My favorite season of the year by far, way better than … those other ones, the names not coming right off the bat. And here’s something you should know about me: whatever doesn’t come right off the bat, doesn’t come, period. So I don’t even bother trying to remember! Who needs bother? A life free from bother is the life for me! You should try it! But don’t try too hard. Trying too hard turns out to be bothersome all by itself. Nothing’s simple, as humans like to say, although it’s not the kind of remark I like to hear. I prefer “Who’s a good boy?” And “anyone want a treat?”


Coming October 6!


September 17th, 2020 Posted 8:14 am

3rd in the Queenie and Arthur middle-grade series. Kids – maybe more than anyone – need a bit of fun these days.


Reader Question


August 29th, 2020 Posted 8:27 am

Yesterday Hobbit asked:

“Have your books been translated into other languages? If so, who is responsible to make sure the translation is true to the books and yet conveyed in a way that takes in cultural differences that might impede understanding?”

Great question. My books have been translated into quite a number of languages but the true to the books part  is based on trust alone. In other words – no one is responsible! Occasionally I get an email from a translator asking for clarification on something. Here is the Russian cover of Paws Vs. Claws (I think), the most recent in my middle-grade Queenie and Arthur series. Bark Vs. Snark comes out in Oct.



Kids At Home?


March 25th, 2020 Posted 8:27 am

Why not let Queenie and Arthur entertain them? Ruff vs. Fluff and Paws vs. Claws are both available, and Paws vs. Claws is coming in October.


The Books

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