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Eight Cousins …


November 14th, 2020 Posted 8:20 am

… is a great bookstore here on Cape Cod. Yesterday in the comments was a request for me to drop in there and sign a copy of Bark vs. Snark, the most recent Queenie and Arthur middle-grader. I’m happy to do that – will try for today! And as a general note, if anyone wants to order any of my books from them – Chet and Bernie or anything else – I’m happy to sign them before they ship to you. When you order, just ask them to email me to come on down with my pen!


Pub Date!


October 6th, 2020 Posted 8:05 am


One Week From Today!


September 29th, 2020 Posted 9:05 am

The adventures of Queenie and Arthur continue! Middle-grade but available to adults with fake ID. The book is very reasonably priced. (For fake ID please send $1000 in unmarked bills to this address.)




September 20th, 2020 Posted 7:52 am

On Sunday we do beginnings, taking a look at the start of a Peter Abrahams novel, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker. Today – not quite a beginning. Yesterday we had a sneak peek at the beginning of the upcoming Queenie and Arthur middle-grade mystery, Bark vs. Snark (Oct. 6). But since the story is told in alternating chapters from the viewpoints of Arthur (seen below in the middle) and Queenie (on one side of him or the other – you’ll have to read it to find out which) and chapter one is Arthur’s, we didn’t hear Queen’s voice. So here’s the start of chapter two.


What now? Do I ask for much? No, not me. Who could be more undemanding or easier to live with? All I want from life is a little peace and quiet. But now, somewhere outside but not nearly far enough away, we had Bro shouting a name that gets shouted fairly often in these parts.

By these parts, I mean the Blackberry Hill Inn and surrounding property. It’s a beautiful inn – which you probably guessed, since it’s mine, and I’m all about beauty. The inn is not mine alone, of course – I’m happy to share it with the rest of the family, meaning Mom, Bro, and Harmony. Bertha the cook is also on board – she’s in charge of pouring my fresh cream into my special China saucer, known as Queenie’s saucer, after which she whips up breakfast for the guests. It’s possible we haven’t had enough guests recently – I’ve caught a worried look on Mom’s face a few times – but what would be the point of me worrying about it? My job is to concentrate on, well, me. Me and me alone, and only me. But it can be hard to concentrate when –


What gets into Arthur: an interesting question.


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