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The Right Side


May 10th, 2016 Posted 9:38 am

Some speculation re the meaning of yesterday’s post in the comments, so: yes, THE RIGHT SIDE is the title of the next adult novel from this operation. It is not a Chet and Bernie novel (although there is a member of the nation within in it, in a non-narrating role). THE RIGHT SIDE pub date will be confirmed soon, but it will probably be a year from now. After that: more C&B! There will also be another Bowser and Birdie novel (middle-grade) next spring, and meanwhile, there’s this:



Publishing Schedule


December 8th, 2014 Posted 7:21 am

“Is this some subliminal reference to Christmas shopping?” Spence says.

“Who, me?” says Admin.

April 28 – WOOF (not a Chet and Bernie novel, but the start of a new middle-grade series).

May 12 – paperback edition of PAW AND ORDER.

July 28 – SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY, the new C&B novel.

Plus there’ll be a new C&B e-story, probably in June.

“Ever heard of the concept of pre-ordering?” Admin says.

“Enough!” says Spence.


Publishing Schedule


November 13th, 2014 Posted 8:05 am

“You want to post the publishing schedule?” Admin says.

“There might be some interest,” says Spence.

“Okay. Here it is: WOOF, first in the new middle grade series: April 28; paperback of PAW AND ORDER: May 12; SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY, the next Chet and Bernie (and I snuck a look at what you’ve been doing – not too bad so far) – “

“You snuck a look? But – “

” – July 28. And there’ll be a new C&B e-short story in there somewhere. Now can we go to Chet’s Diner?”


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