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Pub Schedule


January 7th, 2021 Posted 8:25 am

There will be two Chet and Bernie novels in 2021. First, Tender Is The Bite, coming July 6 or possibly in June, depending on Covid-related publishing issues. Second, a Christmas/holiday novel called It’s A Wonderful Woof, coming October 19. A team of writers – meaning me – is just getting to the climax of that one at this very moment! Both are now available for preorder. And now au boulot, as the French say, meaning back to work.


The Right Side


May 10th, 2016 Posted 9:38 am

Some speculation re the meaning of yesterday’s post in the comments, so: yes, THE RIGHT SIDE is the title of the next adult novel from this operation. It is not a Chet and Bernie novel (although there is a member of the nation within in it, in a non-narrating role). THE RIGHT SIDE pub date will be confirmed soon, but it will probably be a year from now. After that: more C&B! There will also be another Bowser and Birdie novel (middle-grade) next spring, and meanwhile, there’s this:



Publishing Schedule


December 8th, 2014 Posted 7:21 am

“Is this some subliminal reference to Christmas shopping?” Spence says.

“Who, me?” says Admin.

April 28 – WOOF (not a Chet and Bernie novel, but the start of a new middle-grade series).

May 12 – paperback edition of PAW AND ORDER.

July 28 – SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY, the new C&B novel.

Plus there’ll be a new C&B e-story, probably in June.

“Ever heard of the concept of pre-ordering?” Admin says.

“Enough!” says Spence.


Publishing Schedule


November 13th, 2014 Posted 8:05 am

“You want to post the publishing schedule?” Admin says.

“There might be some interest,” says Spence.

“Okay. Here it is: WOOF, first in the new middle grade series: April 28; paperback of PAW AND ORDER: May 12; SCENTS AND SENSIBILITY, the next Chet and Bernie (and I snuck a look at what you’ve been doing – not too bad so far) – “

“You snuck a look? But – “

” – July 28. And there’ll be a new C&B e-short story in there somewhere. Now can we go to Chet’s Diner?”


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