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Big Fun Tomorrow!


November 2nd, 2011 Posted 8:15 am

Where will we be? Over at Simon and Schuster’s Facebook Something to Read About page. Interacting in real time with the virtual and the real! Answering questions! Ask whatever you want and you’ll get some sort of answer! Prizes! Why not? Free champagne? Always a possibility in an alternate universe. Here’s the link:

Welcome Trigger, dozing dude, frisbee dude, Ben Smith.

ps – on Oct. 31 we got some of the names of the new friends wrong. Corrections to come!


We Have A Winner!


December 10th, 2009 Posted 12:48 pm

And no real losers. Thanks to all the guessers. Guessing is fun and wild guessing is even more fun. That’s something Bernie says and every time he says it I start thinking about wild goose chases. I’m still waiting to go on one! If anyone out there has been on a wild goose chase, please write in and tell me what it’s like.

Also thanks to Melanie for her very nice comment.

And: Would B. Stover please email Spence with an address – – so we can send the prize?Not a cash prize, I’m sorry to say, but a copy of Thereby Hangs A Tail, fresh off the presses, whatever that means, signed by Spencer Quinn and with a certified (although miniaturized) paw print, from me, Chet the Jet.


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