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What’s In A Name?


January 15th, 2014 Posted 8:36 am

Ms. Publicist: Fifteenth of the month, so therefore – normally Bernie handles the so therefores, of course – it’s time for What’s In A Name, where Spencer Quinn and I discuss a character name from the Chet and Bernie series. What’ll it be, Spence?

Spencer Quinn: How about the Borgheses, the owners of Princess the show dog in Thereby Hangs a Tail?

Ms. P.: He’s an Italian count, as I remember.

SQ: Exactly. Lorenzo di Borghese, and his wife is Adelina, although she’s a Jersey girl, nee Simkins. Hereditary titles, nobility – there’s something amusing about these vestigial remains. I picked Lorenzo because of Lorenzo the Magnificent and Adelina works as an aristocratic sort of name but also reminds us of the Sweet Adelines, pure down home Americana. So she’s on a sort of fault line, always a dangerous place. Borghese I flat out stole – they were an important noble family for centuries.

Ms. P.: And maybe still are. Do you think they’ll sue you? Spence? Spence? Where are you going?

Welcome Ace & Toby, Charlie.

Villa Borghese, Rome:



Where Is Harry?


September 9th, 2010 Posted 8:39 am

“Here’s a case from Australia,” Bernie says. “Happened at the Royal Adelaide Dog Show – starting to remind you of anything, Chet?”

You bet. We know a waitress named Adelaide, a great waitress who works at Max’s Memphis Ribs. I stand up, ready to go.

“Kylie Sunman was there with her prize-winning entrant, Harry, a chihuahua.” Chihuahua? Oh, brother. “She was ten meters away from him toileting other dogs – that’s the expression she uses – and when she looked up Harry was gone. It was a snatch, Chet. Just like Princess.”

So we’re going to Max’s Memphis Ribs or not?

“Kylie Sunman is offering five grand for Harry’s safe return.”

I don’t know what five grand is, exactly, just that it’s a lot. I do know about Australia from Animal Planet – kangaroos! – but how far is it? Can we drive? I watch Bernie. He turns the page of the newspaper, sips his coffee. Are we going to Australia? Max’s Memphis Ribs? Anywhere?

Hat tip – Louise, Down Under


Christian Science Monitor Review


February 9th, 2010 Posted 8:31 am

“Murder, he barked

The most winning detective duo since Shaggy met Scooby returns in Spencer Quinn’s new mystery, “Thereby Hangs a Tail.” Finances ever shaky, Chet and his human, Bernie, take a job guarding a pampered show dog. What seems like a rich woman’s paranoia turns serious when Princess and her owner are kidnapped. Quinn mixes suspense and humor as Chet tries to puzzle out humans’ odd ways. (Bear claws? Why would anyone eat those? Have humans not seen the Discovery Channel? And don’t get him started on red herrings or crocodile tears.) But if idioms elude Chet, the same cannot be said for bad guys.”


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