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Carnival Barker …


April 22nd, 2022 Posted 6:40 am

… that’s me right now. Step right up! Two – 2! – today only sales to tell you about. Pressure Drop, one of my earliest works for $1.99 in digital form from all outlets. And my latest, Bark To The Future, 25% off on all pre-orders at B&N! Two! 2! Two!


Pressure Drop


February 18th, 2022 Posted 3:08 pm

Almost forgot – special promotion today only: $1.99. This one has some of the first underwater scenes I ever wrote. There are a number of them in my work, including in Bark To The Future, the next Chet and Bernie. But this post is for Pressure Drop. Divers out there in the readership will recognize that there have been big changes in the technology since I wrote it.


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You Do Beginnings!


June 9th, 2019 Posted 5:47 am

On Sundays we do beginnings – the first few lines of any novel written by Peter Abrahams, including those written under the Spencer Quinn moniker (love that word!). How about this Sunday – you do beginnings? Anyone have a favorite? Just a line or two, or merely say the name of the book? But no pressure!




February 10th, 2019 Posted 7:30 am

On Sunday we’ve been doing beginnings – all the Peter Abrahams novels, including those written under the Spencer Quinn pen name. Here, from 1994, LIGHTS OUT (first of what might be called the prison novels – the others are END OF STORY and DELUSION. Also probably the second-most Bahamian of the Abrahams novels, after PRESSURE DROP. And an Edgar Award best novel finalist).

[“Consistently interesting and suspenseful, his thriller’s shocking outcome is revealed only on the very last page.”– Publishers Weekly]

Man is the word. You can’t stop hearing it when you’re inside.


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