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Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Snoopy


January 11th, 2012 Posted 8:11 am

“They busted Snoop Dogg for weed at the same spot they nailed Willie Nelson?” Admin says. “Am I getting this right?”

“Yes,” says Spence. “A drug-sniffing dog, unnamed in the story, fingered, as it were, Snoop Dogg.”

“A dog got Dogg?”


“Do you think the Snoop part has anything to do with Snoopy from Peanuts?”

“Hard to say – it’s a big culture.”


Franky Goes All The Way To The Supreme Court


January 4th, 2012 Posted 9:07 am

“Here’s an interesting case,” Spence says. “Franky, a chocolate lab working the drug beat down in south Florida, sniffed pot from outside the front door of someone’s house, and on that basis the cops went in without asking.”

“And without a warrant?” Admin says.

“Exactly. Big 4th Amendment issue. I”m kind of surprised it hasn’t come up before this.”

“And what do you think? Legal or illegal?”

“Illegal,” Spence says. “And that’s what the Florida Supreme Court said. Now it looks like the state will appeal, meaning going all the way to the top.”

“Did they find any pot?”

“179 marijuana plants.”

“Half the country must be churning out homemade drug supplies,” Admin says.

“We’re a very industrious people. Goes all the way back to Ben Franklin.”

“You’re saying he was a pot grower?” says Admin.

“We’ll never know.”

Welcome Jack the reclining dude, Rex and Fly, Cassie.

We hope Macy’s Mom had a great birthday yesterday!


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