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A Reader’s Take …


July 24th, 2017 Posted 7:58 am

… on Chet and Bernie’s ride. Any more ideas out there?

(from David Norris)





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What’s In A Name?


July 19th, 2016 Posted 6:58 am

Mrs. Publicist: As promised, What’s In A Name, a little late, but here! What character name should we discuss, Spence?
SQ: I believe I saw a reader (from the reknowned Plunderer subset) question about Bernie’s Porsche, and the Porsche – actually 3 so far in the series – is a sort of character. The name was already in place, of course, but the big decision was to make the model not a brand new Carrera, but an old and dinged up relic.
Mrs. P: Because that tells us something about Bernie?
SQ: Either way it would, but brand new wouldn’t be him, even if he could afford it.
Mrs. P: And each one in the series is older and more dinged up than the last?
SQ: Exactly. Which opened the door for a mechanic in the stories – Nixon Panero.
Mrs. P: Who painted martini glasses on the body of the most recent one. Meaning C&B were sure to get pulled over. So that led to the role of the motorcycle cop, Fritzie Bortz?
SQ: You see how these things work! Should we go into Ferdinand Porsche’s Nazi past?
Mrs. P: Maybe not today. I’ll see you next month for more of What’s In A Name.


SANTA 365 (More)


September 4th, 2015 Posted 9:21 am

SANTA 365, the next Chet and Bernie e-short, comes out Nov. 24. Here’s the Author’s Note that precedes the story:

I often hear: “Do the Chet and Bernie books have to be read in any particular order?” That’s not a question Chet would ask! Just jump right in, willy-nilly! The books can be read in any order; at the same time, somewhat paradoxically, there’s no denying that things change in the series – developing, branching out, even going backward at times. Readers of the series will note the description of the Porsche in this story (brown with yellow doors – a Porsche which ceased to exist in THE DOG WHO KNEW TOO MUCH), and be able to place SANTA 365 in approximate sequence.



Santa 365 (More)


August 24th, 2015 Posted 7:44 am

“Anything to tell us about SANTA 365, the next Chet and Bernie e-story?” Admin says.

“Well,” says Spence, “for one thing, the Porsche they’re riding in is the brown one with yellow doors.”

“The one that got blown up in THE DOG WHO KNEW TOO MUCH?”




(coming Nov. 24)


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