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Politics and Us


January 13th, 2022 Posted 8:20 am

Has anyone else noticed a perhaps slight deterioration in the political tone in this century? Didn’t Lincoln say “If you wish to win a man over to your ideas, first make him your friend.”? It would be a shame if Lincoln gets forgotten. Tender Is The Bite is the Chet and Bernie novel where politics is center stage, although the tone of the book differs from our current political tone. For one thing, Chet makes an onstage appearance at a political rally. (A recent Amazon reviewer wrote: “This is one of the funniest stories that I have ever read.”)


In The News


March 10th, 2021 Posted 7:47 am

Not everyone wants to live in the White House. Isn’t Major entitled to his opinion? Of course, some ways of expressing it are better than others. (For more on politics and the nation within, check out the next Chet and Bernie novel.)


Tender Is The Bite (More)


January 23rd, 2021 Posted 8:00 am

Mrs. Publicist: Tender Is the Bite, the next Chet and Bernie, comes out July 6, unless it moves to June for Covid related reasons (and preorderable from all the usual outlets right this very minute). Did someone mention it was about ferrets and politics? Earlier in the week we gave you a scene featuring a ferret named Griffie. How about politics today? To set this up – Chet and Bernie arrive home to find their neighbors, Mr. Parsons and old man Heydrich, hammering lawn signs of opposing colors in their lawns and glaring at each other.


“Oh, god,” Bernie said in a low voice. We went into the house. Normally after a hard day’s work or even not a hard one, like today, we’d grab a drink first thing, bourbon or a beer for Bernie and water for me, but now we lingered by the window, me because he was doing it, and Bernie for reasons of his own. Outside old man Heydrich and Mr. Parsons hammered and glared, hammered and glared. Then from the Parsons’ house came Iggy’s amazingly high pitched yip-yip-yip. I trotted over to the side window, and there was Iggy, front paws against the glass of his side window, yipping in fury. I knew exactly what Iggy wanted to do, namely burst out of there and show old man Heydrich what was what, but the Parsons could never get the electric fence working right so these days Iggy stayed inside. Was it up to me as a friend to take care of the old man Heydrich problem? All I had to do was go to the door and Bernie would let me out. I could actually let myself out. Bernie and I had done a lot of work on door opening and I’d finally mastered the round type knob just the other night while Bernie was sleeping. So he didn’t know! Only I knew! What an exciting feeling! I started forming plans for old man Heydrich, but before they took shape Bernie backed away from the window, shook his head and said, “Politics, Chet. And the election’s not for a whole year.”

Politics? A new one on me. Was politics the glaring and hammering or the yip-yip-yipping? Or possibly all at once? Glaring, hammering, yip-yip-yipping? Politics sounded alarming. I hurried into the kitchen and lapped up all the water in my bowl.


Politics …


January 29th, 2020 Posted 8:28 am

… is something we don’t do here, but, well, how to resist this?


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