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Mr. Adelson


October 12th, 2017 Posted 8:03 am

High school track coach in THE RIGHT SIDE, auditioning LeAnne for the pole vault (Mr. Iglesias is her former gymnastics coach):

“Okay,” said Mr. Adelson. He nodded his head a few times. “Okay, okay. And how are you at pushups?”

“Mr. Iglesias loves pushups.”

“Loves doing them himself?”

“It’s possible,” LeAnne said. “But I’ve never seen him.”

“Ha!” Mr. Adelson made a very loud noise, part laugh, part bark, startling her. “All right, then,” he said. “Let’s see a demonstration.”

“Of pushups?”

“What else are we talking about?”


“Floor not clean enough for you?”

LeAnne got down on the floor. A dull green linoleum floor, and actually not that clean.

“Talking real pushups now,” said Mr. Adelson. “From the toes.”

“Are there other kinds?” LeAnne said, face down on the floor, ready to go.

She did a hundred, could have done a few more before the effort started to show, but Mr. Adelson stopped her. “Enough. Enough already. You’re hurting me.”


Pole Vault (More)


October 4th, 2017 Posted 8:48 am

She passed an Indian souvenir shop, closed, and an RV campground, deserted, and came to a high school, just a single low brick building with “Go Red Buffaloes” on a portable sign out front. Beyond the school lay a grassless baseball diamond, and after that an oval track. Inside the oval was a jumping pit. Two girls stood at the top of the runway, one stretching, the other making little movements with a pole. LeAnne stopped the car.

The track was cinder with weeds growing through and no markings. The girl with the pole started her run-up. They had the bar at eight feet two, which LeAnne could tell just from looking. The girl, a bit on the heavy side, wasn’t fast and barely got her lead leg into position on time but the plant was clean. The pole, too soft for her, bent beyond the optimal launch angle and there were problems with her grip and her trailing leg. Up she rose, the twist rushed, her chest skimming the bar. It quivered but stayed in place. LeAnne clapped her hands softly.



Sports With Meaning, But Not The Political Kind


September 26th, 2017 Posted 8:54 am

“Oh, I’m sticking with it,” LeAnne said. Any other possibility had never occurred to her.


“I love the pole vault,” LeAnne said.

“What do you love about it?”

LeAnne had never considered that question. What did she love about the pole vault? “The feel, I guess.”

“Tell me about that.”

This wasn’t easy.

“Take your time,” Gina said. No more bumping and crashing sounds came from inside the bus. Was Mr. Adelson eavesdropping?

“Well,” said LeAnne, “in English the other day we were learning about three-act plays. And I wondered if the pole vault was like that. First there’s the set-up – that’s the run. Then there’s the complication – getting all the moves down so the pole bends just right. And after that’s the resolution – when you let go and fly.” Gina was watching her closely. “Is … is that the kind of thing you mean?” LeAnne said. “Or something else?”




The Books

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