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Deductive And Inductive Reasoning At A Picnic: From The Dog Who Knew Too Much


January 3rd, 2012 Posted 8:44 am

Soon after that, we took a lunch break. Bernie parked by a long flat-topped rock at the side of the road, just like a bench. Peanut butter for Bernie; egg salad for Anya; tuna for me – the chunky kind, my favorite. Mountains rose, not too far away, greener than the mountains I was used to.

“Tell me about your ex-husband,” Bernie said.

“What do you want to know?” Anya said.

“Start with the investment business.”

Anya gazed at the distant green mountains. A cloud or two hung over them, not dark clouds, but the fat, golden kind.

“This used to happen to me a lot as a kid,” Anya said.

“What’s that?” said Bernie.

“Wishing that time would stop.”

Whoa. She was wishing time would stop right now, leaving us with the crusts of one egg salad sandwich? At that moment I knew one thing for sure: Anya was a risk-taker.

She turned to Bernie. “Do you ever think that?”

“No,” said Bernie. Phew. We were on the same page, meaning dinner was still in the plans, and possibly a snack before that.

Anya’s face flushed. That’s something I look for. You see it in kids and in women, hardly ever in men. It has something to do with feelings inside; I haven’t gotten farther than that – every time I try I come up against the thought: does that mean kids and women have more feelings than men? And stop right there, on account of knowing Bernie the way I do.

Welcome River, Kiva, Zelda the gentle giant, Sadie, and Zooey the intellectual.


No Post Today


March 7th, 2011 Posted 6:09 am

How come? Something about a road trip, a meeting, a book about Robbie, whoever that may be. Admin and Spence were talking about it, but at the same time a brand new kind of kibble appeared in my bowl. My inside-the-house bowl is the one I mean. I also have an outside-the-house bowl for when I’m in a picnicking mood, but the problem is the birds who seem to often be in a picnicking mood, too.

Welcome Summer, Autumn, Carib dude, beautiful golden (who may be Carib dude from another angle); party aficionado: please try again.


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March 8th, 2009 Posted 11:10 am

We’re going on a picnic today – me, Bernie, Suzie. Bernie has this real old picnic hamper. When that comes out of the closet, I know right away – picnic! I love picnics. Has Suzie come up yet? She’s a reporter. It all started with a story she wrote about me and Bernie. She said he had a shambling walk. That got them off to a rocky start. But who cares? Right now we’re almost packed. We were packed, I think, already, but then the whole hamper got knocked over and everything spilled out. Sometimes my tail just goes crazy. Nothing I can do about it.

See you later, alligator! And once, on a case, we happened on a real gator this drug dealer kept as a pet. I’ll go into that next time, or the next or the next. Bye.


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