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Cigar/No Cigar


June 24th, 2009 Posted 8:33 am

“Gold is what?” Bernie said. “Nine hundred bucks an ounce, give or take? Sixteen ounces in a pound, and supposing we’ve got … ” He went on like that for a while, the sound very pleasant in my ears. I wandered around, sniffing here and there in the wreckage of the old wooden plane. Usually when you sniff around in the desert you come across all kinds of animal smells, but here in the tiny box canyon there weren’t  any. I nosed my way under a wooden plank, and hey! What was this? A round metal thing, kind of shaped like a Frisbee. I’d seen one of these not too long ago. What was it again? What was it for? Had there been something inside? I had that feeling in my head when I come close to remembering. Does that ever happen to you? Close, but no cigar, as humans say, why I’m not sure. I chewed one once. Once was enough.

“Chet? Something up?”


All That Glitters


June 23rd, 2009 Posted 8:13 am

We made our way down the steep slope, me and Bernie. That kind of thing is easier for me than for him. Two legs and no tail: how does that work, exactly? Bernie ended up sliding down the last bit on his butt, yelling things like ow and damn. By that time I was on the floor of the tiny box canyon, sniffing my way around the wreckage of the old wooden biplane. I found that glittering gold bar right away, not from the smell – gold isn’t like copper that way – but just by how bright it was. Bernie came over, dusting himself off. The sight of those little dust clouds in the sunlight, kind of beautiful, but this wasn’t the time for lollygagging, whatever that may be. I’ve gotten hold of lollipops on more than one occasion. Very, very interesting. In fact, a lollipop at that moment would have been – 

“Chet? What have you got there?” Bernie picked up the gold bar. “Hey, hey.” He hefted it in his hand. I always like it when humans do that hefting thing – it’s one of their best. “Got to weigh four pounds at least. What’s the price of gold these days?”

No clue, but all of a sudden I got this very hopeful feeling inside. That actually happens a lot.

“Down, big guy,” Bernie said.

Glitches at Friends of Chet being sorted out by those who know how. Soon, we hope.


Back at the Ranch


June 22nd, 2009 Posted 10:46 am

Actually not a ranch, although I’ve been to ranches. Isn’t there a horse ranch in Thereby Hangs A Tail? I remember that white horse real well. Horses and I don’t hit it off, let’s leave it like that. Anyway, back at the ranch is something humans say, not sure why, but it’s at times like this.

So, not a ranch, but in fact this steep rocky hillside in the middle of nowhere. Another human expression. The truth is nowhere’s ever really felt like nowhere to me. Whoa! What was that about nowhere? I’m a little confused. Sometimes at a moment like this a good shake does the trick. Ah. Got my ears just about flapping that time.

We moved down the steep hillside, me and Bernie, down toward the wreckage of the old wooden biplane in the tiny box canyon. Something small and golden glittered in the sunshine. “All that glitters is not gold, Chet – just remember that.”

I forgot right away, in fact just as fast as those puzzling words came out of Bernie’s mouth.


Greed Case and Petroglyph Case – Possible Connection?


June 16th, 2009 Posted 8:04 am

Bernie says there’s some confusion in the comments section, whatever that is. I’m not sure, but just from the way he said it, my tail started to droop. 

“Hey, Chet, what’s the matter, boy?”

I gave myself a shake, felt a bit better.

“How about a quick game of fetch before we get down to business?”

Fetch? I was at the door.


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