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A Break In The Action


April 29th, 2009 Posted 7:21 am

“Heard about Tinker Bell?” Bernie said. “She’s a six-pound chihuahua up in Michigan who got blown away by a seventy-mile-per-hour gust of wind and was lost for three days.” So many numbers! Not sure I was following, really. I knew chihuahas, of course, especially one called Pancho who once actually stole a chew strip from me and then vanished in a tiny hole in a wall. This was during the Millstein divorce case, a bad one I’ve just about completely forgotten. As for what happened to that big diamond ring of Mrs. Millstein’s I can’t say for sure.

“That’s never going to happen to you, Chet,” Bernie said, giving me a pat. Me, blown away by the wind? No way. I’m a hundred-plus pounder and I love the wind. “The other interesting thing it said on the news is that these people used a pet psychic to find Tinker Bell. Does that mean they keep a psychic as a pet?” He laughed. No, I didn’t get this at all. But glad you’re safe, Tinker Bell! Eat something.


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