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Too Much Of A Good Thing? Always! (Revised) (Again)


November 29th, 2010 Posted 7:37 am

“What is it about pecan pie?” Bernie says. Did he say that after last Thanksgiving? I have a vague memory of that. The truth is I have lots of vague memories, going all the way back to my puppyhood in the crack house. I also have lots of sharp memories, such as Peanut’s smell, for example. Peanut’s an elephant, now living in the great elephant sanctuary in Tennessee. She’s in To Fetch A Thief, or possibly Thereby Hangs A Tail.

Meanwhile Bernie steps on the scale. “Oh my God. That can’t be right.” He steps off, steps back on, gazes down at the display numbers. “How about we go for a run, big guy?”

See? Things have a way of working out for the best.

Please note: Technical changes at the blog may cause disruptions and weirdness today.

Note 2: PA and Spence are aware that there are problems, and have contacted Mike B. Everything will be sorted out. For example, once men walked on the moon.

Note 3: The comments from Chet the Dog below are from Mike B. Bernie says that me, the actual Chet, and he, meaning Bernie, are going for a long walk and will return when everything is normal.


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