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Happy Halloween, Everybody!


October 31st, 2015 Posted 8:49 am

From Spence’s pals Pearl and Audrey.



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Pearl in the Recent Snow


January 8th, 2014 Posted 9:22 am

Spence’s pal Pearl in Xmas collar.


Welcome rock ‘n roller.


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Chetspeak on Sunday


August 18th, 2013 Posted 8:38 am

Oops. Racing around the parking lot in tight little circles, ears flat back from the breeze? That might have been me. I got a grip, walked in a dead-straight line at Bernie’s side, head up, tail up, beyond reproach, whatever that meant exactly. We were close enough to see our bumper sticker from Max’s Memphis Ribs, our favorite restaurant in the whole Valley – hadn’t been there in way too long – and the bullet hole in our license plate, can’t go into that now, when the door of the red car opened and the woman stepped out.

“Bernie Little?” she said.

Women of a certain type have an effect on Bernie. This was that type of woman, easy to see just from the way Bernie’s mouth fell slightly open. Curvy shape: check. Big blue eyes: check. Face tilted up in his direction: check. Poor Bernie: that was all it took.

-from The Dog Who Knew Too Much.

Welcome Maddie (a dead ringer for Pearl) and Ranger.


The Rest Is Silence/Silence Is The Rest


March 25th, 2012 Posted 7:38 am

“Think we should wade in on this Mitt Romney rooftop dog controversy?” Spence says.

“Nope,” says Admin.

“But – “

“Absolutely not! Do we want to be part of the national din?”

“Guess not.”

“And besides, at the moment we’ve got Pearl digging holes again.”

“I’ll open the window and yell Stop!”

“That’ll work.”

Welcome Shoshone & Mollie, Bailey Rose, Sydney, and Sadie.


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