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March 1st, 2009 Posted 8:35 am

Did I post about Iggy yet? Iggy’s my best pal. He lives next door to us on Mesquite Road with this old couple called Mr. and Mrs. Parsons. Long ago Bernie’s grandfather or maybe that guy’s father had a ranch here, owned the whole stretch. Now we have his watch, which we sometimes pawn at Mr. Singh’s. Mr. Singh loves the watch! He wants to see it on Antiques Roadshow, whatever that is. There’s always curried goat at Mr. Singh’s. I’ve developed a taste for it but after I get very thirsty. Good thing we carry a spare bowl in the Porsche. That’s where I ride shotgun and what could be better? One thing about the Porsche, it’s not new and fancy, but a real old one. Sometimes it makes a funny clunk and then comes the black smoke. After that we pull over and Bernie digs out the tools. And then? Watch out.

Uh-oh. Wasn’t this supposed to be about Iggy?


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