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Chetspeak on Sunday


November 12th, 2017 Posted 7:08 am

We’ve been doing beginnings. Here’s PAW AND ORDER:

We blasted out of bayou country, Bernie behind the wheel, me in the shotgun seat. Our ride’s a real old Porsche, the oldest we’ve had in our whole career. The last one got blown up; the one before that went off a cliff. And who can remember the one before that? Not me, amigo, except for how loud train whistles turn out to be from up real close. The point is old Porsches are how we roll at the Little Detective Agency, just one of the things that makes us so successful, leaving out the finances part, where we’ve run into some hiccups I won’t go into now. And don’t get me started on hiccups, which is the annoying thing about them, namely that you can’t stop. What else do you need to know? Bernie’s last name is Little, which is how come we’re the Little Detective Agency. I’m Chet, pure and simple.

We came to a crossroads with a roadhouse on one corner. Bernie slowed down and read the sign: “’Ti-Pierre’s Cajun BBQ.’” No surprise there: for some time now barbecue had been in the air, impossible to miss. Bernie tilted up his face – no need to describe his face, the best human face in the world – and took a sniff. “I can almost smell it,” he said. Yes, the best human face, not at all like those tiny-nosed human faces you see so often. Bernie had a nose that looked capable of doing big things. So why didn’t it? I turned to him, gave that nose a good long look. He gave me a good long look back.


Chetspeak on Sunday


April 2nd, 2017 Posted 8:10 am

“Easy, big guy, easy.”

Uh-oh. Was I jumping up and down? I made my best effort to get that under control, at least eliminating the up part of the jump, if that makes any sense. Meanwhile Bernie was crouched over the strange bird, which was now in pieces, more than two, and not a bird at all, or even a creature of any kind, but a machine, with insides that reminded me a bit of the insides of Bernie’s desktop computer, the day that Charlie figured out how to get the back off. The fun we’d had! And I’d ended up pooping out that one missing piece – a little green plastic square if I remember right – the very next day, so no harm, no foul. But no time for any of that now. Eye on the ball, big guy, which is what Bernie always says, although when it comes to playing fetch all our tennis balls and lacrosse balls are covered in my scent, so nose on the ball gets it done for me.



Drones and the Nation Within


December 28th, 2016 Posted 8:43 am

Somewhat reminiscent of a scene in PAW AND ORDER.


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Random Amazon Review We Like


December 2nd, 2016 Posted 7:35 am

5.0 out of 5 stars – Another fun read! – November 29, 2016.

Jennifer Wilder on PAW AND ORDER:
Love these cleverly written books. Goes without mentioning Chet is the best! Chet gives insight into my own lovable, entertaining shepherd whose antics are well known!

And because it’s the season:



The Books

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